Am I Your Next Genealogy Idol?

The second-ever Genealogy Idol competition is this Saturday, and I am competing! I just finished putting my presentation together, and I’m excited to tell you about two of my great-grandfathers, the tax code felon and the synagogue founder, plus my secret to making great genealogy progress without ever having to leave my apartment.

Register here to watch and vote from the comfort of your own home! Or, if you’re lucky enough to be attending the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree in person, please come to this session!

Saturday, June 9, 11 AM Eastern, 10 AM Central, 9 AM Mountain, 8 AM Pacific. Please vote! I could really use your support! Sign up now!

Update:  Congrats to Tessa Keough, who won!

3 thoughts on “Am I Your Next Genealogy Idol?

  1. Alas, no — the voting takes place in the last 5 minutes of the presentation so that the winner is announced before the end. So think good thoughts of me at 11:55 AM! 🙂

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