Live from RootsTech, It’s… Me!

Bankoffs, where are you?

I’m excited to share that starting tomorrow RootsTech will be live-streaming 15 of its sessions, and the very first one will be my talk, “Top 10 Things I Learned About My Family from My Couch:  Beginning Internet Genealogy.”  There’ll be something in this talk for everyone — if you’re a newbie, you’ll get a comprehensive introduction to the kinds of online resources available to you — and if you’re an experienced genealogist, you’ll hear how I broke down the toughest brick wall in my family tree, plus nine other great stories of surprising, even shocking discoveries.

Best of all — you don’t need to leave your own couch to watch me!  Just head to at 10:30 AM Mountain Time (12:30 PM Eastern Time, 11:30 AM Central Time, 9:30 AM Pacific TIme) and click on what I’m told will be a very prominent link to the live-streaming section of the site (it’s not there yet, though).

2 thoughts on “Live from RootsTech, It’s… Me!

  1. Tammy – I enjoyed watching your presentation from home, and was telling my husband about your nefarious margarine-selling ancestors. It was especially interesting because just two days ago, I was reading about it through a daily email of unusual stories I get called “Now I Know.” I’m not sure if I can post links, but here it is. Did you know that at one point, some states tried to legislate that their margarine had to be dyed pink!?

    • Thanks for watching my talk — so glad you enjoyed it! What a coincidence that you had just heard about it from that email list! Your tidbit about dying margarine pink highlights just what a strange, strange chapter in U.S. history that was.

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