This Sunday in Central New Jersey and My Spring Speaking Schedule

Fun at RootsTech

Excited to give my first talk since RootsTech last month!

This Sunday I’ll be speaking to the Monmouth Country Genealogy Society, one of the larger societies in the northeast, about Improving Your Storytelling:  Trees and Stories on  What is the point of becoming a better researcher if we don’t become better sharers?  Hear ideas for better engaging our families in our genealogical discoveries, and see how the various tools on can bring your whole family together around your shared history.

If you’re in the NY/NJ area, do stop by the Eatontown Community/Senior Center at 72 Broad Street, Eatontown, NJ at 1:30 PM.


If you can’t make this talk, I have a number of other engagements, online and off, coming up in the next few months.  Here’s the list:

Southern California Genealogical Society Webinar Series

The SCGS is one of the preeminent genealogy societies in the U.S., and I will be part of their evening webinar series this year.  You can watch me speak from the comfort of your own home!

  • Wednesday, March 12, 6:00 PM Pacific:  Timeline Creation Applications.  Learn about tools and techniques for visualizing data in a timeline to make sense of what we know, identify what we don’t, put it all in the context of history, and share findings more clearly.

Register to participate by clicking on this link.  (Note:  This talk is rescheduled from February 19.)

New York Genealogical & Biographical Society at the New York Public Library

Treelines and the NY Genealogical & Biological Society share a focus on using storytelling and storytelling tools to advance genealogy, so I’m especially excited to collaborate with them in presenting my computer lab on how to use the Treelines website.  And the location couldn’t be better — the New York Public Library!

  • Tuesday, 5/13, 5:30 PM:  Family Timelines with  With just a few clicks, visualize a set of life events for a group of your ancestors. Learn how to choose the theme for your timeline, select the events, illustrate them, and share the results with family.

National Genealogical Society

I’ll be bringing my technological expertise to one of the biggest genealogy conferences in North America.

  • Saturday, 5/10, 9:30 AM:  Tools to Help You Share Family Stories.  Whether you’re creating a book, photo album, movie, or website, learn about the latest and greatest tools to make the job fun and easy.

SCGS Jamboree

For me it’s a long haul from the east coast, but Southern California always delivers a great conference with a lot of enthusiastic participants.

Jamboree 2014 Speaker

  • Friday, 6/6, 4 PM:  Story by Story, Preserve Your Family’s History.  Stop being daunted by the enormous task of writing your family’s whole story.  Learn how to break down your research into individual storylines, tell each one in a compelling way, and over time link these stories together.
  • Saturday, 6/7, 3:30 PM:  Family Timelines with  With just a few clicks, visualize a set of life events for a group of your ancestors. Learn how to choose the theme for your timeline, select the events, illustrate them, and share the results with family.


This is the first conference I ever attended, but this year is the first time I will be a speaker, and it will be the first time I will give a full-length talk about the famous margarine moonshiners featured in my RootsTech talk!

  • Tuesday, 7/29, 3:15 PM:  The Margarine Moonshiners from Minsk: Conducting Story-Driven Research. In spring 2011 a routine search on my great-grandfather revealed the shocking surprise that he had been incarcerated in Leavenworth. What followed was a rollicking genealogical journey tracing a group of brothers and brothers-in-law recently immigrated from Minsk, who set out to sell margarine as butter in defiance of one the stranger pieces of legislation ever passed.  As I retrace my multi-year journey to get to the bottom of his long-concealed chapter in my family learn how you can better pursue the fascinating leads in your own tree when you think like a storyteller.
  • Wednesday, 7/30, 4:45 PM: Creating a Collaborative Family Website using  In this class you’ll learn how to upload your existing family tree to Treelines or create a tree from scratch, how to add and edit people in your tree, and most importantly, how to create interactive, timeline-driven digital scrapbooks for all the meaningful people and events from your family’s past. At the end you’ll have a solid understanding of the unique ways Treelines allows you to present and share family history, and you’ll be ready to invite family members to join in the fun with you.


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