We Wouldn’t Be Here Without Quite a Lot of Incest

And you’re probably committing incest, too:  if your partner shares your nationality and ethnicity, you’re at least 10th cousins!

So — you in for a trip to 300 BCE to meet our most recent shared common ancestor?  (Too bad it’s Taiwan, not Greece — I need some help with my Ship of Theseus existential crisis brought on by the latter half of this video.)

Philosophy aside, here now is mathematical proof that Henry Louis Gates is right when he says, “We’re all mixed… we all have been intermarrying, or interrelated sexually from the dawn of human history” (source).

3 thoughts on “We Wouldn’t Be Here Without Quite a Lot of Incest

  1. Actually, I recently learned that my great-grandmother was married to her own mother’s half-brother, in other words, her uncle. Yuck!

  2. Oh, I have one of those in my family, too! The family book I learned this from says something like, “I would love to know how those two got together.” No kidding!

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