Happy April Product and Press Updates

Well, it’s been just over a week since we started letting users into our beta, and between the feedback we got at RootsTech and now what our beta users are telling us, we have a great sense of what you like about Treelines and what you’d like to see improved.  Many of you were loud-and-clear about wanting to work on your family tree apart from writing stories.  So, we’ve given you what you asked for:  a full Tree Browser on your My Stories page!

  • Click on your username in the top-right of the homepage
  • Scroll down and behold:  your trees!
My Trees

You can browse and search your tree here, as well as update the information you’ve recorded for people in your tree. We’ve also added yellow flags with the number of stories you’ve written about each person. Click on the flag to see the list of stories!

We at Treelines strive for constant improvement of our site, so this update is the first of many we’ll share with you about new features we’ve added to the site.  We have some really big things in store for next month, but you’ll keep seeing small improvements along the way.

We’ve gotten a bit more press in the past week as well!

Treelines on the radio

  • And most exciting of all… this morning Marcus Smith interviewed Tammy on BYU Radio!  We compared notes on the ancestors who first got us interested — for him, Jerusha Lord, and for me, Bernhardt Hepps (such names!) — and went on to discuss why family history can be so personally affecting and how Treelines’ story-centric approach makes it easier to bring those to transformational moments to our families and esp. the younger generation.

If you missed Tammy’s interview, make sure you follow us on Facebook or Twitter for our most up-to-date information so you don’t miss the next one!  🙂

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