It Has All That Jazz

Greetings from Chicago! “My kind of town, Chicago is / My kind of razzmatazz / And it has all that jazz” (sang Frank Sinatra).  We’re here for the national conference of the Association of Professional Photo Organizers, which starts this evening.  The APPO folks we’ve met so far are amazing, dedicated, high-energy people, and we can’t wait to show everyone here how Treelines can help their clients tie together their family photographs with the stories that truly bring them to life.

As one of our new users wrote to us earlier this week:

“The strength of Treelines is that I can share family history, legend, or stories with relatives in a meaningful way without bogging them down in too many names, dates, and places.  This brings life to stories, and piques the interest of family members who may not otherwise be interested.”

— Treelines user bettinger, author of A Civil War Hero, A Father, An Ancestor

Clearly Treelines, like Chicago itself, already has all that jazz :-), but we’ve added even more razzmatazz this week.  Many of you asked for additional ways to navigate through stories to jump forwards or backwards more easily.  Now if you use the small arrow next to the page numbers, you can bring up a list of all the pages in the story to skip to a different part of the story:

Storyviewer dropdown

Screenshot of the alternate navigation (click to view full-size).


And if you haven’t signed up for our waiting list yet, what are you waiting for?  We’re letting in new users every day, so claim your place in line!

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