Jobs My Family Has Performed in New York City

One of the great surprises of my genealogy research is that it turns out I am not the first person in my family to live in New York City.  You might say that I should not have been so surprised, but I began with decent proof that all of my great-grandparents were in Pennsylvania going back about a century.  And so they were.  But go back just a smidge before that, and half of them began their American lives in NYC!  One was even born here, and a number of their parents never left.  But after 1922 when the last gggp died, everyone from my direct line was gone and would be for the rest of the century.

Peddlers on the Lower East SideSelect jobs my family has performed in New York City:

  • glazier
  • peddler
  • dealer in milk, eggs, and “butter”
  • tailor
  • bookbinder
  • driver
  • clerk
  • milliner
  • traveler in the theatrical industry
  • mailer at a magazine place
  • founder of an Internet start-up

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