Jamboree in Review

Tammy speaking at Jamboree

Tammy demo’ing the site… just before announcing the “Getting Started Stories” contest!

It was a long trek last week from Treelines headquarters in New York City to the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree in LA, but it was more than worth it to connect with some of our current users and make a ton of new friends.  We loved hearing about all of your family stories and ways Treelines can help you share them better.  Thanks especially to those of you who attended one of Tammy’s two demos!

Most exciting of all was finally getting to announce our “Getting Started Stories” contest.  We were gratified that so many of you were equally excited to hear about it!

Thanks to friends new & old for helping to spread the word about Treelines:

Our next conference won’t be until FGS in August.  We’re going to have an even bigger announcement then… stay tuned!

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